How does the hearing aid prevent the danger of condensate?Is condensate harmful to hearing aids?

There will be some influence. The small water droplets will affect the transmission of sound. If the water drops enter the hearing aid, the inside is easy to get wet. Therefore, the water drops in the sound tube should be cleaned up in time. You can pull the sound tube down and use it. The toilet paper is wiped into thin strips, or it can be blown with a cold air blower, and then go to the hearing aid fitting center to clean and maintain the dehumidification.


The sound tube of the hearing aid has water droplets, which have two effects.1.There are water drops to indicate that the use of hearing aids will be relatively humid. When the water vapor has heard the sound tube into the body of the hearing aid, the parts inside the hearing aid will be damp, which may easily cause corrosion or even damage to the sound quality or damage.2.The condensation of water droplets tends to form large water droplets blocking the sound hole, so that the sound of the hearing aid cannot be transmitted from the hearing aid, resulting in the hearing aid being silent. Always check the condition of the hearing aid, often go to the store for dry maintenance. You can go to the Bo Hearing Rehabilitation Center for maintenance.

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