How do you decide how good your hearing aids are?


Many people don’t know how to judge whether the hearing aids worn by themselves or their families are good. Know the following three simple tricks:

1After the hearing aid is worn30Pinch the cellophane group around the centimeter to make a sound. If you can hear it, the hearing aid effect is acceptable. issuea,m,u,i,sh,sSound, if clearly distinguishable, shows that the effect is ideal.

2After wearing a hearing aid, infants often appear to be babbling and interested in sound. If such a phenomenon occurs, it means that the hearing aid is basically suitable.

3After careful and standardized adaptive training, if you fail to obtain the corresponding auditory effect or appear to hate your own voice, hate to turn over the book, and often feel a certain sound, you should consider the lack of hearing aid function or the quality of the fitting. good.

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