How do people with hearing impairment watch TV?

1.Listening to TV programs has always put forward higher requirements for the basic functions of hearing aids to solve language communication problems, and the broadcasting of TV programs itself is a process of signal transmission and acceptance. Once the signal is distorted, if it is accepted again by the hearing aid, then Processing, zooming in, and after a distortion, the effect of the two distortions in the patient’s ear is a gap.

2.In addition to news programs, TV programs can be said to have moderate speech speed, concise speech, and no lengthy content. Other programs should consider speech speed, dialect, picture conversion speed, and whether there are subtitles. I usually watch TV at the same distance.2-3About meters, this is also to be referenced.

3.Single ear listening is itself a relatively thin sound quality, the influence of environmental noise, the speaker’s position, and the distance of the speaker will have an impact on the listening effect.


For the problem of the elderly, we have made the following recommendations:

1.It is recommended to listen to both ears to provide a full and clear sound quality and improve the clarity of the listening sound.

2.For the elderly to listen to a single ear, we can manually set a program to watch TV. In this program debugging, the working line of the hearing aid can be adjusted, and the linear amplification is biased as much as possible, because when the output of the hearing aid has not reached the upper limit, the signal is1:1Zoom in, the distortion is minimal. At the same time, the gain of the middle and low frequency is improved, especially the regional frequency with a wide language distribution, because only the sound energy is enough to provide the clarity of the sound, and the effect of the high frequency gain compensation can be revealed. However, such a large volume must be a great amplification of the noise or speech in the environment, so try to keep the environment quiet in this listening program! Whether it will cause secondary hearing loss, it is recommended to regularly detect hearing, prevent secondary temporary threshold shift, and communicate with the fitter and adjust.

3.Replace the high-end machine.

4.Using wireless accessories: Most of the machines with more than six channels of Phonak are now equipped with wireless accessories, if installedTV LINK +ICOM,OrTV LINK +COMPILOT,Or wireless Bluetooth microphone+ICOM/COMPILOT,Through wireless communication, the sound is transmitted directly to the ear, the sound quality is clear, the distortion is small, and the distance is no longer affected.20You can listen clearly in the rice. However, if you have a large earphone directly connected to the TV in your home, the effect of trying unlimited accessories may be worse, because the power of the big headset is very loud and the sound is also rushing, although it provides good loudness, but the protection of the ear. Very poor, long-term use can cause hearing loss. First timeICOM,It will feel the sound is unclear, which can be based on the addition of wireless accessories.EASYBLUETOOTH The program’s sound quality for wireless output is adjusted according to the patient’s experience, including the attenuation of the microphone, including whether to addM,Require patients to use more, adapt and habitual sound quality, and increase hearing protection.

5.The connection of wireless accessories, now the family is using a digital set-top box, the lotus plug of the unlimited accessories is installed behind the set-top box instead of the TV.

6.Steps to adapt to the TV program: First, watch the news program. The first step is to watch the TV series with subtitles, practice the coordination of the ear, gradually practice closing your eyes, exercise your ears, and practice the programs without subtitles after many exercises.

In summary, after the experience and summarization accumulated in our long-term work, we found that patients who actively exercised listening ability after selecting the hearing aid program according to the reasonable fitting principle70%The above patients can basically solve the problem of watching TV, in addition20%All of the above have been improved to varying degrees.

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