How do children choose the right hearing aid?

First, find a professional fitting agency, detailing the medical history, such as the time of hearing loss, whether there is a history of family history, etc. If you have done an examination, it is recommended to bring the report together, which is helpful for hearing diagnosis. Then, do hearing tests, which tests are involved, and whether subjective and objective tests require cross-testing, depending on different people and circumstances.

According to the report, the appropriate prototype is audited. At this time, objective inspection equipment, real ear analyzer and sound field evaluation are needed. The real ear analyzer is used to evaluate whether the hearing aid debugging is the best state, and the sound field evaluation is used to evaluate the effect of hearing aid. According to the effect of the sound field assessment, it is basically known which hearing aid is best for children, so the sound field assessment is also a device that helps the confused parents choose the hearing aid.


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