Hearing: Helping a four-year-old boy return to the world of voice

Two teen girls with hearing aid have a fun with camera and mobile phone

These days, the circle of friends is forwarding such an article – “silent help: a 60,000 yuan hearing aid for a congenital hearing-impaired baby in Qingdao was lost.” The friends who saw this news are also anxious for this child. Without a hearing aid, this child will not be able to hear the voice of the world…

On January 6, 2017, after hearing about the loss of a pair of hearing aids and cochlear chargers from a congenital hearing-impaired baby (Xiao Junhao) in Qingdao, I heard that the national chain agency market department immediately established the Xiaojunhao rescue group. Discuss the rescue plan. With the help of the media, I got in touch with Xiaojunhao’s family and decided to have a professional medical test and fitting for Hu Junhao’s children in the afternoon of January 6, 2017 by a hearing aid expert from the national chain. Xiao Junhao is a top hearing aid worth 40,000 yuan for his hearing, with a one-click recovery function. At the same time, contact the American AB Cochlear Company to donate the lost 7000 yuan cochlear battery and charger, which completely solved the worries of the children’s family, and let the children of Hu Junhao return to the sound world as soon as possible!

(Children’s hearing expert, teacher  personally tested and matched for Xiao Junhao)



(Using imported high-grade ear canal scanner for external auditory canal and tympanic membrane imaging)


(For Xiao Junhao, take the ear sample and make the ear mold necessary for wearing the hearing aid)


(Doing a professional children’s game for Xiao Junhao)



(This kind of hearing aid donated has APP tracking function, which is more suitable for children to wear)


This type of rescue is only our beginning. In the future, we will use professional technology and extreme service to let more people with hearing impairments hear the sound of flowers!


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Hearing: use our expertise and warmth

Let you hear the sound of flowers!

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