If debugging the hearing aid gives everyone four suggestions

With the continuous development of technology, the world’s major brands are paying more and more attention to the development of hearing aid debugging software. At present, the hearing aid fittings are automatically fitted by software, and the user satisfaction rate is very high. Of course, many important data still require the fitter to enter the computer software. Therefore, accurate analysis and good communication of users become more and more important. In the process of hearing aid debugging, I suggest to pay attention to the following points:


1) Enter user details. Be sure to enter accurate air conduction, bone conduction data, and enter information about age, gender, and hearing aid wearing experience.

2The choice of hearing aid connection components. Customized hearing aid users need to choose sound holes, vents and 叮咛 shields. The user of the behind-the-ear hearing aid needs to decide whether to use the ear mold or the earplug according to the condition of the ear canal, and also pay attention to the selection of the damping in the ear hook and the ear hook. The above choices must be set in the software.

3) Choose a prescription formula. A prescription formula for selecting a topic based on the age of the user, the type of hearing loss, and other relevant information about the user. For children younger than 16, the software automatically defaults to the DSL5.0 prescription formula.

4) Other options. Features such as automatic phone and Bluetooth need to be activated by software

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