How should the hearing aid be debugged?Hearing aid debugging[Step description]

Hearing aid digital machine is to debug your own hearing situation. Firstly, the hearing test is carried out in the fitting center or hospital. The hearing aid sensory test results are suitable for professional tailoring. Nowadays, more advanced intelligent hearing aids can use the mobile phone software to wirelessly program and debug the hearing aids. It is also possible to realize the individualized needs. Specifically, you can ask the hearing and rehabilitation center to experience.


1.Go to the local professional hearing aid fitting center for hearing examination, including air conduction, bone conduction and discomfort thresholds.

2.The fitter will input the checked data into the computer, and the fitting software will calculate the preliminary sound gain plan based on the hearing data;

3.The fitter will perform a hearing aid adjustment based on one of your own subjective feedbacks to achieve the best results and optimal comfort for the hearing aid;

4.In the end, the professional equipment in the store will be used seriously, mainly for the hearing aid threshold test and the real ear analysis, so that the objective data and subjective feedback can achieve the best effect and the best comfort of the hearing aid.

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