No matter adults or children, in this era of science and technology, they can enjoy their favorite music anytime, anywhere and anytime with a headset, but this will lead to hearing loss! In the early years, there were media reports that British research institutions showed that unreasonable use of headphones can lead to deafness 30 years earlier.

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When beautiful music becomes hurt! How to solve it?

The average person will feel harsh when exposed to 90 decibels of noise (generally speaking, about 60 decibels of conversation). The effect of < a href = "" target = "blank" > Noise < / a > on hearing is a cumulative and imperceptible chronic injury. Long term “excessive” listening Walkman may cause temporary hearing impairment. Therefore, when you have alert symptoms, please see a doctor as soon as possible and do not listen to the walkman for a while. Symptoms of hearing loss: tinnitus: when you hear the “buzz” from your ears, it may be that your ears are sick. This means that the acoustic nerve is injured and abnormal discharge sounds. I feel my ears are stuffy. Often can’t hear what others say: you can’t hear what others say, but you can’t hear what they say. You often need to ask the other party to say it again.

Hearing health solutions for children

Many young people like to listen to music while chewing gum. Although it seems a bit indecent, experts in otolaryngology believe that chewing gum when listening to music with headphones can protect hearing.

Experts pointed out that wearing headphones to listen to music while chewing food can relieve the atmospheric pressure in the middle ear and the outside world. For example, many people will feel earache when taking off and landing, and do the actions to open the eustachian tube, such as swallowing, eating, drinking, yawning, etc., and the symptoms will be relieved.

In addition: experts agree that the best prevention method is to control the volume and time of listening and choose a good pair of earphones. Especially children!

Children and teenagers should follow the rule of “60-60” when listening to music and English with earphones. That is to say, when wearing headphones, do not put the volume above 60% of the maximum volume and try to adjust the sound to 40-80 dB (generally speaking or slightly smaller), in addition, do not listen to MP3 for more than 60 minutes at a time. After listening for a period of time, take off the headphones and gently rub them to relax your ears.

However, the growing children are lack of self-control ability, in the absence of parents’ supervision, they use headphones continuously for a long time, and the doctors in the diagnosis and treatment clinic of children’s hearing impairment are also complaining about the increasing number of children with acquired deafness for years.

In the selection and use of earphones, parents should also check for their children, find a truly professional earphone for them, and give them a beautiful and healthy childhood.

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