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Many elderly people find that they have hearing loss and are not willing to let people know. They usually avoid or refuse to wear hearing aids. The reasons are not afraid of causing financial burden on their children. The main reason is that the hearing aids lack understanding of the rehabilitation process. ,lack of confidence. However, we all know that hearing loss has a negative impact on quality of life, social behavior and communication skills, and will also reduce the independent living ability of the elderly. Therefore, if conditions permit, if there is hearing loss, you should choose a hearing aid.


According to national standards, the degree of hearing loss is divided into the following categories:

Normal hearing: less than25dB, belongs to the normal hearing range.

Mild hearing loss:26-40 dBHearing impaired people have no or only a slight hearing loss, generally do not affect the ability to communicate with speech. Whether or not to use a hearing aid depends on the individual’s work and the dependence of life on hearing.

Moderate hearing loss:41-60 dBIn the environment of a little distance, background noise, and collective conversation, it will be difficult, the TV volume will be louder, the snoring will occur, and the resolution will begin to decrease. The correct choice and use of hearing aids has a great effect on hearing and protects residual hearing.

Severe hearing loss:61-80 dBHearing impaired people can hear loud voices or conversations at close range, and even discern environmental noise or vowels, but can’t detect consonants. Hearing aids can improve listening and establish basic conversation skills.

Extremely severe hearing loss: greater than80 dBHearing impaired people can’t just rely on listening to communicate with others, and they need lip reading and body language help.Hearing aidIt can help people with hearing impairments to communicate with the outside world, protect the safety of hearing impaired people, and improve communication skills.

In theory, any hearing loss person can be a user of a hearing aid. Generally exceed40 dBThe hearing loss person needs to have a hearing aid, and the earlier the matchingHearing aidThe better. Hearing is a high-level, comprehensive, subjective feeling, so “need” is also a signal. Once you feel comfortable listening in your life, it also means you need hearing aids. You should choose as early as possible.Hearing aid.

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