Hearing aids must be worn when hearing problems[For the important people in your life]

Although the hearing loss is mild, as long as you feel that you have affected your normal work and life, you should wear a hearing aid to better communicate with people. However, you must choose a hospital or a professional hearing aid fitting institution. After a professional fitter checks the audiometry for you, it is correct to choose the hearing device that is right for you. Otherwise, the unsuitable hearing aid and incorrect wearing method may not solve your existing hearing problems, and may also give you The hearing caused second damage.


Communication allows us to listen to the joys and worries of others, and also enables us to talk and laugh with our relatives and friends, share our thoughts, and make our interpersonal relationships more harmonious. But what if you suffer from hearing loss and let it go, how does it affect your relationships? For you, letting you lose your hearing loss will widen the distance between you and your relatives and friends, amplify the contradictions between each other, and make a simple chatter “close to the horizon”, and eventually the relationship may become strange or even broken.

In addition, if you have hearing loss, you may also bring some loss and exhaustion to those around you. Those good times, intimate whispers, romantic words may gradually disappear, and the motivation for life will also collapse.

We know that any organ in the human body is used for retreat, as is hearing. The hearing loss of the elderly is usually a natural decline, and is the process of organ aging. It is generally based on the decline of sensorineural hearing loss, which cannot be reversed by medical means and will not return to normal hearing due to medication. But the inability to restore hearing does not mean the loss of listening ability. Modern medicine and audiology have established a path of recovery for hearing-impaired patients. First of all, we must determine the nature and extent of hearing loss. Only in the face of hearing loss and recognition of hearing loss, will we take the initiative to go to the hospital for examination and seek help. We can perform hearing tests in regular hospitals, eliminate the symptoms of acceptable medical intervention, and determine After the irreversible hearing loss, the hearing aid is fitted.

There are two preconditions for the fitting of hearing aids. One is to have residual hearing, and the other is to have basic speech recognition ability. Many old people are audible but inaudible, that is, the speech recognition rate is poor. As the rate of speech recognition continues to decline, there will be no significant improvement in short-term after wearing a hearing aid. Of course, hearing aids are auxiliary instruments and cannot replace real organs. Therefore, we must have an objective understanding and positioning of hearing aids, and we must have reasonable expectations.

So if you suffer from hearing loss, either for yourself or for those who care about you,

Please make an appointment with a professional, conscientious and responsible hearing aid fitter, choose a hearing aid that suits you, and return to the world of sound, so that your good life is not lost due to hearing loss.

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