Hearing aids must be personally fitted?

Assuming that the hearing aid is not fitted, what happens when you buy one at the store? In most cases, the use of hearing aids without experience is not only difficult to play the hearing aid, but more serious is that it may damage the residual hearing of the user, resulting in more and more wearing. In fact, even people with the same nature and degree of hearing impairment may have different feelings. These differences may be related to living habits, work environment, subjective tolerance, and so on. Feeling different, the requirements for hearing aids are of course different.


Hearing aidIt is also very different. Each class, each model, and even each hearing aid has its own performance characteristics, suitable for use by one or a certain type of hearing impaired. The problem is that the brand, type and model of the hearing aid are numerous. For a particular user, which one is more suitable for their actual needs is a very professional problem that the user can’t solve on his own. Only the professional can make a choice. For example, how should patients with hearing loss and hypersensitivity choose hearing aids? Emphasis on zooming in, they will feel the sound is unbearable; emphasis on strong sound compression leads to the signal sound is not true and clear, how to solve such contradictions, is one of the important work content of hearing aid fitting staff. Different hearing impairments require different performance hearing aids, and fitting is the necessary bridge to connect different users and different performance hearing aids.

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