What if the hearing aid has an echo?Hearing aid echo processing skills

Wearing a hearing aid may have various inconveniences, and there are echoes in your speech, and the hearing aids are screaming… There is echo in your own speech.” This question: After wearing a hearing aid, some people will feel that they have spoken even if they have not closed the battery door. echo.

What kind of experience is this??Oh, just like you are talking in a wooden barrel, you feel the sound echoing in your head. A little more “magnetic”, the sound is still very big, I dare not speak loudly.


Why do you feel that you have an echo??

This is due to the ear mold or earplug or custom machine casing, after the external auditory canal is closed, the voice of the self talks is transmitted through the middle ear and the skull, causing the vibration of the external ear canal cartilage.

Think about it, without hearing loss, without wearing a hearing aid, our external auditory canal is open, and the voice of our own voice is produced. Will “run out” the external auditory canal, not easy to be heard by us.

However, when the external auditory canal is blocked, the energy of this part of the vibration will “can’t run out” and can only stay in the external auditory canal.

If you don’t wear a hearing aid, you can now use your fingers to plug the external auditory canal and talk about it. Is there an echo that speaks in a wooden bucket??

This phenomenon is called “cuffling effect” in medicine. Why are some people wearing hearing aids??Have you noticed that some people who are hearing aids have felt that they are talking loudly, but some people don’t think so. Why is this?

Because the energy of cartilage vibration is mainly concentrated125-500HzWithin the low frequency range. People with heavy hearing loss, especially those with low frequency loss, are not enough to “offset” his hearing loss, and they can’t hear it.

In other words, the more low-frequency hearing is better, the more likely it is to block the ear. For the hearing impaired, the low frequency hearing loss is less than40dB HLIt’s easier to hear that you have an echo after wearing a hearing aid.

This situation is recommended, find your professional fitter for help. The fitter will adjust the hearing according to your hearing situation and the actual feeling of blocking the ear. The purpose is to “release” this part of the vibration energy as much as possible.

The fitter may make the following adjustments as appropriate:

Either adjust the gain in the fitting software;Either open a properly sized vent on the ear mold or the outer casing of the ear machine;Either replace the ear mold or closed earplug of the ear machine with a suitable open earplug;The conventional ear-back machine is replaced with an open-type ear-back machine, such as an open fine-sound tube ear machine or a built-in hearing aid for the receiver;Either change the size of the ear machine to “small”, such as the ear canal type for ear canal, of course, hearing loss is allowed.

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