Have you noticed your hearing?

In real life, very young people work, study stress and sleep well, and some playing mobile phones and playing computer staying up late can easily cause hearing loss. Even if there is hearing loss, as long as it is not serious enough to communicate, it is unwilling to admit that you have Hearing loss, even if admitted, will not actively take measures to wear hearing aids.

Hearing loss is a disease. Hearing test is an objective and effective method, but the performance of many hearing loss is determined by the judgment of the supervisor. People who really have hearing loss can’t feel that they have problems. This is one of the problems in hearing rehabilitation and education. Even with the same hearing loss, people’s feelings are very different, which is also a key issue in the fitting of hearing aids. Although many people have hearing loss, they cannot accept it. Instead, they think it is normal. According to the latest US study, at least a quarter of young people are overestimating their hearing status and ignoring that they do have hearing problems. In this research,56Average age of university students21When I was old and under investigation, I thought that my hearing was normal, but after hearing tests, I found that25%People who have varying degrees of hearing loss at one or more frequencies, among these students with hearing loss,7%The loss is between the frequency of speech and affects normal communication.

Therefore, young people with hearing loss should not care about it. If you find that there is a problem with hearing, you should go to the hospital for examination. If you need to wear a hearing aid, wear it as soon as possible to protect residual hearing and improve speech resolution.

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