Official announcement,Chongyang Festival hearing aids to send parents

Today, the fifth day of the lunar calendar, the Chung Yeung Festival. At this time, I can’t help but think of Wang Wei’s poem: “Being alone in a foreign land is a stranger. Every time you spend the best of the best. You know where the brothers are ascending, and there are fewer people.”

When I was a child, my father and mother held us in the palm of our hand and regarded it as a treasure. When we grew up, they took all the hardships and let us pursue our dreams. Time flies away unconsciously, leaving traces of years on the parents.

Today, Chongyang, the official headlines must be left to them!

They are deaf.WHOResearch shows that China65Hearing disabled patients over the age of about4600Ten thousand people. In other words, every three65One of the elderly over the age of one has senile deafness. As the population ages, the number of senile deaf people is growing rapidly.

They are forgotten. The data shows that China currently has600About 10,000 people with Alzheimer’s disease, the main affected population is the elderly,This disease is like an “eraser”, wiping away the memory in their brains a little. Hearing loss is an independent cause of Alzheimer’s disease.

They are dying. Many elderly people also suffer from depression,One of the major causes of this condition is loneliness. Because they can’t hear or hear, they are like an isolated island. If they are not careful, they will be drowned.

Today, Chongyang, the official headlines must be left to them!

The best thing in the world is: I have grown up, you are not old, I have the ability to repay, and you are still healthy. Caring for parents should not be only on this day, we have to give parents care every moment. Care needs to be timely, and filial piety should be early. May we be able to listen and live happily with our parents!

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