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1. Listen to MP3 music player for a long time

Nowadays, young people with headphones and mp3 can be seen on the road and bus almost at any time, which is an important reason for many young people’s hearing loss. When listening to music with earphones for a long time, it will stimulate the end of the auditory nerve, cause abnormal excitation of the auditory nerve, and easily cause hearing fatigue. In addition, earphones close to the eardrum, which can improve the sound signal a lot. If they are used for a long time, they will cause damage to the eardrum and damage the hearing. If they are medium or above, they will cause deafness. It has been reported that any sound above 90 decibels, if exposed for a long time, can cause a certain degree of hearing loss. Experts said, “MP3 plays mostly over 100 decibels, or even up to 120 decibels, which is almost equal to the noise of a jet plane when it takes off.”

2. Abuse of antibiotics

Hearing loss caused by drug poisoning has become one of the main causes of hearing loss in developing countries. The investigation shows that many deaf patients are caused by the abuse of antibiotics. There are many drugs that can easily lead to hearing loss caused by drug poisoning, including anti-inflammatory drugs commonly used in clinic, such as streptomycin, gentamicin, kanamycin, micronomicin, jiemycin, etc. all belong to this category, in addition, there are some diuretics, chemotherapy drugs, etc. Generally, it is difficult to absorb the drugs that are known and heard through the whole skin and mucous membrane. Therefore, the poisoning is usually caused by injection and blood circulation to the inner ear, which leads to the poisoning of the inner ear nerve receptors, resulting in deafness or vertigo. Among them, aminoglycoside antibiotics are the most serious ones, so we should pay enough attention to these drugs, do not abuse drugs at will, if we have to use them, we must use them under the guidance of doctors. Modern research has proved that drug sensitivity may be inherited from family. Therefore, children of such patients should also pay attention to hearing loss caused by drug poisoning.

3. Long time phone calls

Although cell phone radiation is invisible, it does great harm to the ears. According to the research, the electromagnetic wave length emitted by mobile phones is 900mhz-1800mhz. Mobile phones are the closest to the ears in the process of communication, and the radiation received by the ears is the strongest. The longer the time and volume of electromagnetic radiation are, the greater the harm to the ears is, especially for the growth and development of young people. The radiation of electromagnetic wave will cause tinnitus, ear tightness and memory decline in a short period of time. It will also cause such thermal reactions as headache, cerebral blood supply disorder, facial skin burning sensation, ear and periauricular skin burning sensation, and it can also cause such changes as sleep mode, blood pressure rise, recognition dysfunction, etc.

4. Improper ear cleaning

Improper ear digging can easily damage the skin of the outer ear canal and bring bacteria into the ear canal. The skin of the external auditory canal is very delicate, closely connected with the cartilage membrane, with less subcutaneous tissue and poor blood circulation. Improper force when pulling out the ear will cause damage and infection of the external auditory canal, resulting in inflammation and ulceration of the external auditory canal, even affecting mouth opening and eating. Some people’s ears are itchy. The eardrum is a very thin membrane. In this way, it is easy to damage the cerebellum or the auditory ossicles, causing eardrum perforation and affecting hearing. If there is a large amount of earwax in the ear, please ask a professional otolaryngologist to take it out with a special tool. Do not handle it by yourself.

5. Frequent smoking

People who smoke are more likely to have ear infections or hearing loss due to loud noise than non-smokers. According to the survey, smokers are about three times more likely to develop otitis media than nonsmokers. In addition, nicotine in the cigarette enters the blood, which makes the small blood vessels spasm and viscosity increase. The arteriole supplying the inner ear hardens, which is easy to cause the insufficiency of blood supply to the inner ear, seriously affects the hearing, and even directly causes deafness. At the same time, carbon monoxide poisoning caused by smoking can cause damage to spiral ganglion, vestibular ganglion and reticular substance of brainstem nucleus, which are key parts related to hearing.

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