Some bad habits of wearing hearing aids

1, the hearing aid is taken off and then placed

Hearing aids are sophisticated electronic devices, which means that they are afraid of falling and fearing shocks. The removed hearing aids can’t be placed indiscriminately. If you accidentally break it, some users are custom-made machines in the ear. If you don’t have a large hearing aid, you may not find it. Therefore, the hearing aid should be placed properly after being taken off.


2Too lazy to take off when washing

Some users have convenient maps and are used to wearing hearing aids for washing. Fortunately, they are not lucky. Although some hearing aid shells are nano-layer technology, they can effectively prevent sweat and moisture from eroding the outer shell of the fuselage, but this does not mean that it is not poisonous. Invasion can be directly impacted by water. When you wash it, you can’t put it on the table. It is very likely that it will be wet by water.

3Never clean and maintain

The hearing aids are exposed to dust in the air, sweat from the human body, earwax in the ear canal, etc., which are potential hazards for hearing aid malfunctions. Therefore, it is important to keep the hearing aids clean and dry.

4Ignore the effect of drying

Drying and dehumidifying the hearing aid is an important part of the hearing aid maintenance. Some users will buy a lot of spare batteries, but the dry cake is always used up. Maintenance is a process that accumulates over time. Although it looks inconspicuous, it is very important for hearing aids. Do not affect the sound quality of the hearing aid or even damage the chip due to moisture.

5No need to remove the battery for a long time

The zinc-air battery for the hearing aid has a small hole for the air to enter and activate the battery to discharge. However, if the hearing aid has a battery and it is not used for a long time, the material inside the zinc empty battery may leak through the small hole. Once the liquid leakage occurs, the accessories near the battery will be corroded, causing the hearing aid to malfunction.

6, forcefully pull the switch button

For the hearing aids, it is useless, such as battery compartments and volume knobs. These tiny components are relatively delicate and can’t withstand vigorously.

7Hearing aids when inflaming

Patients with otitis media should be careful not to use them during the onset of inflammation when using hearing aids. In addition, patients with chronic otitis media should try not to choose an in-ear hearing aid when choosing a hearing aid to prevent the inflammation from increasing, and the inflammatory fluid may penetrate the inside of the in-ear hearing aid and damage the components. For users with lighter hearing loss, it is recommended to choose an open back machine.

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