Eat the dumplings in the winter solstice to protect your hearing.

The winter solstice, indicating that the new solar terms have begun again, have you eaten dumplings?

Today’s circle of friends has long been swiped by “no frozen dumplings without eating dumplings”, and I am no exception, and I have become a member of the big army. Because this day, friends and family will convey warm wishes to each other in various ways. The most touching and warm blessing is that the family is sitting around the table eating dumplings, detailing the bits and pieces of the day…

With the improvement of listening health awareness, more people are paying attention to hearing health. We also notice that more and more people with hearing loss can’t feel the happiness and warmth brought by beautiful sounds. How to protect hearing has become one of the topics of great concern today. So, what are the recommendations for protecting your hearing?

Suggestions for protecting hearing

1.Ear care

Frequently massage the ear to promote blood circulation around the ear, which helps protect the hearing.

2.Keep your mood happy

Appropriate relaxation, not overworked, not angry, not violent.

3.Wear suitableHearing aid

Hearing and visual acuity are similar. If you don’t wear or wear an uncomfortable hearing aid, it will easily lead to a gradual decline in hearing, which is not conducive to the protection of hearing stability.

The protection of hearing has a major impact on life, let us care for the ears and protect the hearing.

On2017Years are coming to an end, loyal hope that you can hear the laughter of yourself, family and friends.

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