How to maintain winter hearing aidsWinter hearing aid maintenance tips

After entering the winter, many friends have been unable to live normally because of the silence of the hearing aids. Many friends have suffered from the problems of the hearing aids! So what? The following hearing aids the hearing aids to share with you some winter hearing aid maintenance tips, some problems need to come to the hearing aid fitting shop to seek medical help, some can solve at home!


I don’t sweat in winter, isn’t my hearing aid not so frequent??If you have such an idea, it is a big mistake. As the weather turns cold, we will encounter another big problem with hearing aids – condensate.

First of all, what is condensed water??Let me give you an example. Our friends with glasses, when entering the room from outside in the winter, It often forms a white mist in the lens, and even more, the water droplets slide down with the lens, which is a phenomenon of water vapor liquefaction caused by a large indoor and outdoor temperature difference. This phenomenon also occurs in hearing aids. The outer casing of the hearing aid is equivalent to glasses, and the ear canal of a person is equivalent to the interior.

Due to the high temperature and humidity in the ear canal, the external temperature of the hearing aid may be in contact with the air.5At about the degree, the moisture in the ear canal enters the receiver and condenses inside, which blocks the sound hole and corrodes the receiver. The ear-back machine also forms water droplets in the hose due to temperature difference, thereby hindering the sound transmission, resulting in the machine being silent or the sound becoming smaller.

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