Ears have problems before the ear – the performance before the ear problems

Hearing has pointed out that if pain occurs in our ears, it may directly affect our daily life, so we should protect our ears in time before symptoms are discovered. The following are typical symptoms that are common before ear disease occurs:

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1. In the early stage of acute diffuse ear disease, there is a burning sensation in the ear. As the disease progresses, the ear is swollen, and the pain is gradually intensified. The external auditory canal is secreted and discharged, and the initial is a thin secretion, which gradually becomes thick and purulent.

2. Chronic ear disease often makes the patient feel itchy and uncomfortable, and a small amount of secretion flows out.

Hazards caused by ear diseases:

1 and repeated otitis externa will increase the perforation of the tympanic membrane and harden the adhesion of the middle ear, which will further reduce the hearing. If the drug is not used properly, it can cause a decline in the function of the inner ear nerves, which makes it more difficult to treat.

2, repeated inflammation of the middle ear can lead to osteoarthritis or cholesteatoma otitis externa. When the bone is eroded, it may cause intracranial and extracranial complications such as facial nerve spasm, meningitis, brain abscess, and even life-threatening.

The above is the typical symptom manifestation before the ear disease occurs. The occurrence of ear disease not only affects your hearing but also causes trouble for your life. Therefore, we must pay more attention to it. We must actively prevent and pay attention. Avoid ear disease diseases. Because of improper treatment, it will cause more harm to our ears, causing the ear force to drop. Sometimes only hearing aids can help you.

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