With a hearing aid, will the other ear lose hearing?

Both ears have hearing loss. Of course, if the conditions permit, it is better to wear the hearing aids in both ears. Only one one is used, and the other ear will produce hearing deprivation, because the ear of the hearing aid transmits enough information to the brain. So that the brain is no longer concerned about the ears without hearing aids, the brain seems to give up the attention to transmitting weaker signals, ieUse and retreat.

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If both ears have hearing loss, it is recommended to wear the hearing aid at the same time, because only one side is equivalent to wasting the hearing of the other ear, and the ears with residual hearing are not used for a long time, and there is no sound stimulation for a long time. Will cause the brain to atrophy, and thus lose the ability to handle the sound, and finally the ear function will be completely lost. And the hearing aids worn by both ears can better locate the sound, and the sound is more stereoscopic and the definition will be higher. Of course, if the other ear has no residual hearing at all, then it does not make sense to have a hearing aid.

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