Ear-hook hearing aidHow to wear ear-hook hearing aids

The in-ear hearing aid is made according to the shape of the customer’s ear. Generally, the red and right blue left, there is a pull wire on the panel of the hearing aid. In order to facilitate the user to pull, the position of the cable is downward when worn, and is inserted according to the direction of the ear. You can go, you can pull your ears back and up, make sure you wear them.

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In-ear hearing aids are customized according to the user’s ear canal. Because each person’s ear canal is not the same size, the angle of the bend is different, and the angles of the left ear and the right ear are also different. When wearing, distinguish the left and right hearing aids. The red label is the right ear and the blue label is the left ear. Hold the hearing aid with your index finger and thumb, align the sound hole with the ear canal, gently push the hearing aid into the ear canal and turn it in the back of the head, then lift the auricle. Install the battery before wearing, close the battery compartment, and make sure the hearing aid starts working when it is in place. (You may hear the hearing aids whistling during the wearing process. If you wear them, you will not hear the whistling sound. If you don’t wear them, you will hear howling.) Instead of removing the hearing aid, turn the hearing aid forward (toward the nose) or pull the cable out to remove it. Hearing aids have just been purchased home. Because they are not skilled enough to wear, they can be done on the sofa or on the bed to prevent them from falling during the process of wearing. If you still can’t wear it, you can go to the hearing aid fitting center to come to our fitting division to teach you!

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