Do children’s hearing aids have to choose a bandwidth?

Children should pay attention to several aspects when choosing a hearing aid. One is noise reduction, and the hearing aid with sharpness and wide frequency range is more comprehensive and full of sound, which helps children to listen to more frequencies. since2003The “Children’s Hearing Aids Guided Guidance Program” promulgated by the American Hearing Society called for the hearing aids to meet the needs of children’s hearing aids. The hearing aid industry has greatly improved this. The upstream component manufacturers have developed a wider frequency response. Receivers, and manufacturers have also developed broadband hearing aid products. We know that the latest research results show that children with the same level of hearing loss should have a wider bandwidth for hearing aids in order to obtain high-frequency speech information than adults. Especially when listening to the voices of women and children, more obvious. In recent years, a considerable part of research has focused on how to expand the existing bandwidth of hearing aids, and further observe the impact of bandwidth on children’s hearing rehabilitation.


We know that compared with adults, hearing-impaired children can’t use the information accompanying the spoken language to help them understand the verbal communication. They must get more useful information from the words they hear. Therefore, hearing-impaired children need higher-frequency hearing aids than adults with the same hearing loss to hear high-frequency speech, such as listening to women and children./S/Sound and so on./S/Sound is the third most used consonant in English and plays a very important role in understanding words correctly./S/In addition to different meanings, the sound also bears many different grammatical functions, such as tense, person, plural and so on. However, the bandwidth of most hearing aids is currently limited, basically less than6000Hz. However, recently, we have seen more hearing aid manufacturers have introduced new digital hearing aids with wider frequency response, such as the bandwidth of hearing aids.8000 HzThe frequency response range. The user can hear the high-frequency speech sound with natural sound quality, and at the same time can more effectively utilize the hearing dynamic range of the hearing-impaired patient to achieve the best rehabilitation effect.

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