How to choose children’s hearing aids

The effect of hearing aids is an important factor affecting the development of auditory language in children with weak hearing. Most of them are pre-linguistic hearing impaired. It is an important part of ensuring hearing aids by relying on professionals to conduct morning hearing of hearing aids. The morning hearing of the hearing aid includes whether the hearing aid is in normal working condition, such as whether the ear mold is well sealed, whether the volume switch is in the normal position, and whether the battery needs to be replaced. According to the language foundation of the subject, the hearing aid effect can be evaluated by the knowledge or recognition of Lin’s six-tone. The conditional portable auditory evaluator can select the sound of different frequencies to quickly and quantitatively evaluate the hearing aid effect. These are hearing aids. The important part of the morning inspection will solve the problem of morning inspection in time, so that the hearing and hearing effects of the baby are optimized every day.


Hearing aid effect is an important factor affecting the development of baby’s auditory language

Sometimes the hearing aid is silent and not a problem with the battery, which is related to the blockage of the ear mold hole. The maintenance of hearing aids and ear molds is also an important factor in ensuring the effectiveness of hearing aids. The main points to note are:

1) Wipe the eardrum (earplugs) with dry, soft cloth every day, check the sound hole for flaws (deafness), and eliminate ear canal secretions.

Hearing aid effect is an important factor affecting the development of baby’s auditory language

2) The ear molds (ear plugs) are placed in clean water for cleaning, disinfection, and then the water is dried.

3) Regularly go to the Matching Center to receive a check from the fitter to ensure the normal use of the hearing aid and ear mold.

4) sweats in summer and is prone to corrosion of electronic devices and boards. When not applicable, remove the battery and place the hearing aid in a dry box to absorb moisture.

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