Disabled Persons’ Association for hearing aidsHow can I get a hearing aid donated by the Disabled Persons’ Federation?

Hello, it is understood that this policy of benefiting the people, as long as it is the household registration of the office, hearing loss to the standard of hearing disability, no hearing aid adaptation taboo, family difficulties, carrying ID card, low guarantee or poverty proof, When you apply to the office and fill out the form, you are expected to become a recipient. You can go to the local Disabled Persons’ Federation to consult first, and the policies in each place are different.

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Application for assistive devices

At present, the city comprehensively carries out the work of accurate rehabilitation services for the disabled, and provides basic rehabilitation services for the disabled in accordance with the principles of “low standard, wide coverage”, “graded diagnosis and treatment” and “nearly on the spot”. At present, due to the limited financial resources, the prices of some assistive devices for the disabled are relatively high, and the application for assistive devices for the disabled cannot reach the level of rescue and can only meet the needs of basic assistive devices for the disabled.

Procedures for application for assistive devices for persons with disabilities: After the assessment of persons with disabilities who have the need for assistive devices by the assessment team for persons with disabilities in the household registration area, the adaptation conditions are met, and the accessory is adapted; or the person or guardian of the disabled person The households in the township (street) of the household registration shall apply for the auxiliary equipment, and after the evaluation, the evaluation team of the accurate rehabilitation service for the disabled shall meet the conditions and adapt the auxiliary equipment. Due to the high price of the hearing aids, there is no guarantee that you will be satisfied when applying for hearing aids.

2. About the current disability subsidy policy

At present, the state has introduced a series of preferential policies for disability. The implementation of the people’s livelihood project is the rehabilitation of impoverished disabled persons (led by the Disabled Persons’ Federation) and the two subsidies for the disabled (led by the civil affairs department). In addition, there are policy measures such as employment, education and poverty alleviation. Please consult the local county and district Disabled Persons’ Federation according to the actual needs. You can also pay attention to the propaganda media such as the Lu’an Disabled Persons’ Federation website and the Lu’an Disabled Persons’ Federation WeChat.

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