Children wear hearing aids at 9 months, indicating that the time for language training for deaf children is quite timely. But it is not as early as the deaf children received language training, can achieve good results, but also depends on teaching methods.

The good rehabilitation effect of deaf children’s language training is related to many factors, such as whether the examination and adjustment of hearing aids are in place, whether the postoperative training is scientific in place, whether there is a good language communication environment, family education mode, children’s own factors (physiological and psychological, intellectual and non intellectual factors).

The child has been equipped with a history of more than two years. You need to know the compensation of the effect of the child’s hearing aid very well, so that the effect of the child’s hearing aid is optimized. Language ability includes two aspects: one is the ability to accept, that is, the ability to understand, and the other is the ability to use, that is, the ability to express.

If you have been wearing hearing aids and have been receiving language training for two years, but you can only speak four or five words and can’t express yourself actively, you need to find out the reason.

Before answering this question, let’s talk about the relationship between comprehensible language and expressive language. Comprehensible language is a language that a person can understand. Children can understand the meaning of words not only from the words they hear, but also from the order, speed and volume changes of words. In the process of children’s language development, the understanding language is prior to the expression language, that is to say, children must understand and understand the words before they can use the language to express their needs, ideas and feelings.

Ways to improve language comprehension

First: a lot of language input.

Second, pay attention to the integrity of language input.

Third, reduce over substitution in language input.

Fourth: regularly check whether the language input content is easy or difficult and adjust it in time.

Ways to improve children’s language expression ability

First, don’t predict your child’s needs. Give your child full opportunities to express themselves.

Second: look at children with expectant eyes and let them learn to respond.

Third: give children time to think and learn to wait.

Fourth: when children can express themselves, they should give encouragement and build up confidence.

Fifth, guide children to repeat their own words or provide clarification to others instead of replacing children’s expressions.

Sixth: deliberately create opportunities for children to express themselves.

Seventh: break the rules and ask some questions to stimulate the desire of children to express themselves.

Eighth: create topics to increase children’s opportunities to participate in expression.

First, pay attention to the integrity of language input.

Second, reduce over substitution in language input.

Third: regularly check whether the language input content is easy or difficult and adjust it in time.

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