woreHearing aidCan you watch TV?[woreHearing aidI can’t see if I can watch TV.]

Many customers complained about wearingHearing aidIt is still unclear to watch TV. This is because watching TV, listening to radio, telephone, etc., the sound signal has been processed, with the first distortion, (ordinary people sometimes need to listen carefully, or ask the other party to repeat the words, or by subtitles, mouth shape, movement, etc. ), after passing the air to the hearing aid, the sound energy will be lost and affected by the ambient sound (the signal-to-noise ratio will decrease), and the secondary signal conversion of the hearing aid will be transmitted to your ear, and the effect will not be ideal.

a good oneHearing aidCan help hearing-impaired patients get the best speech intelligibility, that is, to help deaf patients recover their hearing , understand the voice of our normal speech. However, the effects of making a phone call, listening to music, watching TV, etc., vary from person to person. If the patient’s speech resolving ability is good, then his hearing aid will be better for watching TV. The sound of our normal speech and the sound of the TV phone will change greatly in frequency, phase and intensity. Everyday calls should be felt. For example, if you talk to the same person in person and talk on the phone, you can I feel that the sounds of the two are different, which means that the difference between electronic sound and human voice is very large.

The clarity and signal stability of the mobile phone also have a certain impact, so for patients with hearing loss, their speech recognition ability is lower than normal people, so watching TV calls will be a little worse. The sound of the TV set passes through the floor and ceiling. After reflection, it will produce reverberation. Whether the living environment is close to the road, background noise will reduce speech recognition, and sensorineural deafness requires higher definition and language signal improvement.4To12DBIn moderate reverberation, it has to be increased3To6DB,In order to communicate normally, the sound will decay with the distance, that is to say, the farther away, the more empty, the background noise is unchanged, the more unclear. Put onHearing aidIf you want to watch TV, you need to use the auxiliary hearing device, the auxiliary hearing device for watching TV has a loop system, and the wireless Bluetooth technology. Nowadays, the technology is developed. You can install the loop system for the customer and select the multi-channel computer programming machine. Program, when the user watches TV, the loop system can be turned on, which is much clearer. The second method is to choose the wireless Bluetooth system.Hearing aidYes, let the TV sound clearly and directly into the hearing aid, free from outside interference.

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