Hearing aidCan wear it for a long time?[The correct way to wear the hearing aid]

Hearing hearing aid experts remind you that hearing aids are just an aid to improve your hearing. It does not improve your hearing or cause hearing loss. If hearing loss already exists without receiving a hearing aid, it will only increase hearing fatigue, accelerate hearing loss, and the hearing response will become more and more dull. Wearing a scientific fitHearing aidNot only will it not lead to worse and worse hearing, it will not increase the degree of deafness, but will help protect the existing hearing from delaying hearing loss. Therefore, hearing aids are required to be fitted, and are more complex and more detailed than glasses.


Some people are worried about wearing hearing aids for a long time. By increasing the intensity of sound, long-term stimulation of the inner ear and auditory nerve system, which has a functional decline, will increase the deafness? It can be said with certainty that deaf patients will not aggravate deafness if they can choose hearing aids in a timely and reasonable manner. However, it should be noted that sudden deafness should not be rushed to wear a hearing aid. It is necessary to go to a regular hospital for a period of treatment. If it still does not improve, consider wearing a hearing aid. Wearing a hearing aid too early may increase deafness by receiving strong stimuli.

When using a hearing aid, a thorough examination must be performed by a doctor or a fitter to determine which type of hearing aid to use based on the different levels of hearing loss. Do not buy it yourself, wear it at will, so as not to damage the remaining hearing. The hearing loss of the ears is inconsistent. The ear can also exercise most of the normal listening function. It should be worn on the side with poor hearing so that the other ear can still listen to the sound of nature, so that the ears can be consistent. . If one ear is moderate deafness and the other ear is severe, it should be worn on the side with better hearing so that the best listening effect can be obtained. For both ears, there is a loss of hearing, but also can be worn with both ears to reduce fatigue, and the ears can accurately locate the sound source, the sound quality is better, more natural, three-dimensional, reduce noise and reduce hearing deprivation. .

Many people wearHearing aidAfter a period of time, when the hearing aid is not worn, the hearing is not as good as before, so I worry that the hearing aid will wear more and more. In fact, this situation is because the brain has adapted to the sound feeling after wearing the hearing aid. Suddenly taking the hearing aid is difficult to adapt at once. If you don’t wear the hearing aid for a while, it will restore the original feeling; just like the eyes are bright. Suddenly entering a relatively dark area, you will not see clearly. After a while, you will slowly adapt and be able to see clearly. At this time, the hearing was reviewed, and the general hearing did not decrease. Some people actually had a certain degree of hearing improvement due to the stimulation of the hearing aid.

When wearing a hearing aid, it should be noted that it is very important to wear the hearing aid first, in accordance with the guidance of the fitter, and gradually pass through the hearing aid adaptation period. The sound that has just been heard with a hearing aid is different from the sound that the original hearing hears, and needs to be adapted to a stage. General need1~3The adaptation period of the month. Each person’s adaptation period is different, and the time will be lengthened or shortened according to his or her own situation. Secondly, the hearing aid amplifies all the sounds. The hearing patients live in “quietness” for a long time. Once they hear the various sounds of the outside world, they can’t adapt at the moment and feel noisy and bored. Therefore the wearer must learn to eliminate unwanted background sounds again. In the initial stage, patience is required. The wearing time of the hearing aid should be lengthened slowly. The volume should be adjusted at the beginning, and gradually increase after getting used to it. Finally, in the process of use, you must do wellHearing aidMaintenance work(Moisture proof, waterproof.Anti-fall)Regular maintenance to keep the hearing aid in normal working condition. If there is a problem, you should communicate with the fitter in time.

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