Can the hearing aid be worn, can you hear the people behind, and drive?

When you want to wear a hearing aid to drive, you can hear the people in the car. First of all, this is a high requirement for the level of the hearing aid and the basis of my hearing. At present, there is a belt specially developed for driving badly. Hearing aids with this function are recommended to go to the fitting center in person to experience the details of the actual situation.

The sounds collected by the hearing aids are collected through the microphone. The general hearing aids are mainly in front of the body, just as our normal human ear is also in the front of the main collection direction. However, the driver in the driving environment can not easily turn around. When listening to the people behind, you need to be able to turn the direction of the microphone to the back or the right side to listen better, which requires a microphone for hearing aids. It is possible to change direction. Generally, this function is a function of high-end hearing aids and top hearing aids. It can greatly improve the comfort and clarity of conversations in various environments, not just improving driving conditions.

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