Is it different to wear two different hearing aids in both ears?

Try to wear the same brand of hearing aids in both ears. The same brand of hearing aids have the same sound quality and better effect. The hearing aids are worn by the ears to avoid hearing deprivation. The listening is more clear and the listening sound is more directional. The sound quality of different brands of hearing aids will be slightly different, and it cannot be Simultaneous debugging, more troublesome


The hearing of the two ears is not good. From a professional point of view, it is necessary to wear both ears, which can enhance the sense of direction and three-dimensionality, avoid the phenomenon of hearing deprivation, improve the loudness of the sound, shorten the adaptation period of wearing the hearing aid, and better cover the tinnitus effect. The cephalant effect improves the resolution of speech in complex environments, making communication easier. It is best to go to the professional fitting agency to listen to the experience and see the difference between the wearing of the ears and the wearing of the single ear to achieve the most satisfactory results.

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