Can genetic deafness be used to hold the cochlea?

This is going to the hospital for evaluation. It is not recommended to have a cochlear implant if it is compensated by a hearing aid.


As long as there is a language foundation and hearing is heavy, you can do the cochlear deafness. The age of the cochlear implant is different. According to whether or not we learn the language when we are deaf, we divide the deafness into pre-linguistic and post-linguistic profanity. The optimal age of patients with prelingual deafness should be12 Month~6 year old,Because human hearing and speech centers need sound stimulation to develop,6The basic development of the above-mentioned central body is completed.(Brain plasticity critical period).7After the age, it develops slowly or does not change much. This is why the pre-surgical cochlear implant has age limit.; more than the6 Older children or adolescents need a certain level of listening language,He has a history of hearing aids and a history of listening or language training since childhood. After the language, patients of all ages can do cochlear implants. The biggest thing that our department does is91Old age, the premise is to do a good job evaluation before surgery, the general situation is good, cardiopulmonary function can tolerate2Hours of general anesthesia.

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