How to avoid congenital genetic deafness

Different deafness genes exist and different measures need to be taken

Experts pointed out that the symptoms caused by the four kinds of deafness genes are also different.GJB2For example, most of it occurs before the baby learns to speak, and is moderate to severe or very severe deafness, if both parents areGJB2Carrier of genetic mutation, offspring25%It is a deaf patient.

AndGJB3Mutations in this gene can result in dominant or recessive hereditary non-syndromic hearing loss, ie, only deafness symptoms, no other organ lesions, and often delayed deafness.


If the baby finds it ismtDNACarriers of genetic mutations must avoid contact with certain drugs, leading to drug-induced deafness, such as the commonly used amino antibiotics (streptomycin, kanamycin, neomycin, gentamicin, etc.)mtDNACarriers of genetic mutations cause structural damage to the inner ear, which can result in temporary or permanent hearing loss.

If the test finds the babySLC26A4Mutant mutations are characterized by normal hearing at birth or partial hearing loss, but with age, hearing loss is gradually aggravated. Mainly this kind of gene mutation can cause “large vestibular water tube syndrome”, which is a congenital inner ear developmental malformation. The hearing can be normal when the child is born, but the head trauma, noise, infection and other incentives can cause hearing of the child. Drastic decline or even smashing.

Early detection of deafness genes, and avoiding children due to deafness, we often find that many patients with deafness do not speak, in fact, not the vocal organs are sick, just because they can not hear the outside world after hearing deafness, missed the opportunity to imitate and learn language, Unfortunately, he became a member of the “dumb”. especiallySLC26A4Gene mutation,GJB3Gene mutations in patients with delayed deafness, parents do not care, wait until the child gradually loses hearing, and then quickly through the wearing of hearing aids, implanted cochlear implants, language rehabilitation treatment, etc., lost the best recovery period, experts remind Out, once the child exceeds5When I was young, I missed the best period of development of the brain’s speech center. It is more difficult for children to learn language.

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