Factors that determine the price of a hearing aid

Hearing aids look the same, why is the price difference so big? The price of the hearing aid mainly depends on the different levels of the internal chip of the hearing aid and the spare parts configuration, although the appearance is basically no difference.. But the performance of different levels of chips can often vary by several times,It is like a computer,Old-fashioned computer and Core2The price of the computer is much worse.

Buyers should prevent high prices and shoddy,Even the old and new inferior goods. You can see a lot of discounted promotional information on brand-name hearing aids everywhere on the Internet.,But most of them are not authorized by the formal company.,The source of its hearing aid is very suspicious,Product Of course, there is no guarantee,Even in real-life stores, there are often very irregular,Recruit customers with low prices and famous brands,Actually sell some second-rate products or even eliminate them,Refurbished product.Hearing aid purchasers take a few more stores and compare them carefully. This is very worthwhile.

Hearing aids can’t be bought casually. Listen to hearings first! Improper use of hearing aids will seriously damage the patient’s residual hearing! Hearing aids are not sphygmomanometers. They are not allowed to be purchased at the store. Experienced fitters, qualified fitting environments and professional process control are essential. Therefore, Wuhan Haizhisheng Hearing and Matching Center recommends that purchasers have qualified medical devices. Operating licenses and hearing aids with long-term professional experience seek help, Don’t let those without formal business stores,No formal factory authorization,No professional technician,Four no-institutions without medical device licenses ruin valuable residual hearing,Let the hearing patients regret the life.

After-sales service is critical Good hearing aids are often more expensive, but in use, the purchaser must have a professional organization to repair and repair the hearing aid, and redeploy the hearing aid according to the hearing changes. Therefore, you should choose hearing aids that have a well-established outlets, high-quality service, well-equipped professional and authorized by a famous factory, such as hearing aids to choose hearing aids.

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