Many hospitals provide these services for ear canal cleaning. Most of them will feel comfortable after washing, but some of them will have tinnitus after washing. Can ear canal washing cause tinnitus? Can we still do ear canal cleaning? Here, I will answer for you.

Ear canal irrigation is only occasionally mentioned in magazines as a trigger for tinnitus attacks. However, patients often use it as a trigger. Even more professional people have found it necessary to produce manuals at the association level. Usually they provide balanced and general reliable information. In such brochures, the trigger for tinnitus is sometimes attributed to ear canal flushing only when it is “poorly performed.”. Many otologists who deal with tinnitus patients accept that some patients properly attribute their tinnitus attacks to ear canal irrigation.

Occasionally, flushing induced tinnitus is associated with rupture of the eardrum (especially if it is already weak). Trauma to the middle ear is rare, and trauma to the inner ear is also rare, especially when the nozzle is not connected carefully and falls off with pressure. More often, however, the symptoms associated with tinnitus attacks caused by flushing are pain and vertigo. Tinnitus is particularly likely to occur if the patient wants the doctor or nurse to stop the operation while the doctor or nurse continues to wash.

Washing should be avoided in patients with weak tympanic membrane or perforation (or catheterization) or infection of the ear canal. The water used must be close to the body temperature, the nozzle must be firmly installed, it should have a smooth and round head, and it must point to the back wall of the external auditory canal. If it causes pain or dizziness, the operation must be stopped immediately.

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