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 Deep ear canal hearing aidIt is made according to the user’s ear canal. The external auditory canal is a long and narrow tube with two bends. The deep ear canal hearing aid makes full use of the physiological characteristics of the external auditory canal, and is in close contact with the ear canal wall and completely coincides. The worn hearing aid is firmly fixed in the ear canal, and even if it is subjected to more intense exercise, there is no need to worry that it will fall off. It is less affected by dust and sweat, so it is less prone to failure. Hearing aids are advanced and sophisticated electronic products. Pay attention to dust, moisture and drop during use. The deep ear canal hearing aid is worn in the ear canal of the user, and has an auricle and external auditory canal protection on the outside, which is less affected by external dust and sweat, and a dustproof device of the deep ear canal hearing aid itself, compared with other types. Hearing aids are less prone to failure.

In addition,Deep ear canal hearing aidThe smallest shape, the function of collecting sound with the outer ear is closer to our real ear, and it is more difficult to be discovered. It also has the best effect of suppressing tinnitus. So, is the deep ear canal hearing aid expensive??Deep ear canal hearing aids are comfortable to wear and easy to wear;The deep ear canal hearing aid has the smallest shape, and the function of collecting sound by using the outer ear is closer to our real ear, and it is harder to be found. Therefore, the price is relatively expensive compared to other hearing aids, and the general market price is around several thousand yuan. It is recommended to go to a regular store to make a purchase.

Deep ear canal hearing aidThe use of the device has been relatively common, due to the small size, sound amplification and better sound quality, etc., to get the love of hearing patients. Although the use of deep-ear hearing aids has declined at present due to the rapid increase in open-ear hearing aids, it is still the main type of hearing aid. There are also many studies on the benefits of deep-ear hearing aids for patients, but whether it is effective for listeners with high-frequency sensorineural hearing loss is worth exploring.

In a recent research report, relevant results were found and shared with readers here.

The study used some of the main hearing aid volume surveys, such as the “Older Hearing Disability Screening Scale”, “Simplified Hearing Aids Benefits Checklist” and the “Daily Life Hearing Aids Questionnaire”, which the researchers mailed to the two Total group79A hearing loss patient. These subjects met the test criteria, including them2000 HzPure tone listening threshold and deep ear canal hearing aid use. Including67%(53The completed questionnaire was sent back, and then the researchers divided it into two groups. One group is26Listening2000 HzThe following is normal, the second group has27name,1000 HzThe following hearings are normal.

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