Deafness, also known as hearing loss, is a common ear disease in our life. At present, there are many causes of deafness, including the use of ototoxic drugs, ear diseases and some congenital factors. Deafness leads to the obstruction of patients’ access to information and the serious influence on the way of communication with the outside world, which leads to the injury of interpersonal relationship, career development and physical and mental health of deaf patients.

Harm 1: harm interpersonal relationship

The occurrence of deafness often makes it difficult for the hearing impaired patients to have normal conversation with their classmates or relatives and friends in school or social occasions. Face to face communication is blocked, and they are unable to communicate on the phone, often unable to hear what the other party says on the phone, resulting in a sense of isolation. In normal life, there may be no car whistle, which is easy to cause traffic accidents. At the same time, in our work and life, because we often can’t hear others clearly, it is easy to cause misunderstanding and affect our interpersonal relationship.

Hazard 2: hindering the development of business

In modern society, many important business decisions are made in business meetings. If deaf patients can’t effectively talk to others or hear the speaker’s speech clearly, they will miss or miss some important messages, thus affecting business decisions, missed opportunities and business development. It also causes great trouble to work and hinders career development.

Hazard 3: mental health

Physical health is closely related to hearing level. In a number of studies, the researchers measured the health level of the deaf elderly, and then matched them with hearing aids. Three months later, they did the same measurement, and found that their physical and mental health were significantly improved.

Hazard 4: hazard to health

Deafness leads to the lack of interpersonal communication, the character becomes eccentric and eccentric, and may lead to the occurrence of early dementia in middle-aged and elderly patients. Deafness affects the development of the whole balance of the central nervous system. The patients’ language discrimination rate and expression ability are extremely reduced, and even worse, early dementia symptoms will appear. Our country has entered the age of aging, every year a large number of old friends are facing hearing problems. At the same time, hundreds of thousands of hearing impaired children are born every year. All we can do is to find, intervene and treat them early.

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