Online purchase assistance the listener reliable?[Can I buy a hearing aid at a treasure?]

With the rapid development of various business platforms, online shopping has become an indispensable part of the family, enjoying the convenience of various logistics, and the family enjoys this convenience! But the problem is coming, the ears are not good, OnlinePurchase assistance the listener reliable?

The answer is: hearing aid online shopping is unscientific

Most online hearing aid products are relatively simple, and even some products can be said to be rough, just a simple sound amplifier and the purchase of these products is appropriate, there is no accurate hearing evaluation standard! Although the customer service lady is very sweet, but only speaks properly, the authentic and authentic scientific instruments of the center to test the results are incomparable.

2. Online shopping brands are more troublesome after-sale, giving people a feeling that it is not practical! Although the product can be shipped by express delivery, the money to buy their own things to the virtuality of the platform, who lost the product, who controls the product is bad? A few times, it will make you tired.

3. Because online shopping products are not completely in accordance with their own hearing and debugging methods, it may cause secondary hearing impairment. The more ears, the more the back, the more and more the phenomenon of wearing deafness!

4. The effect is that there is no way to experience it, it is not good to buy it, come back, it is very cheap, but also to get shipping, not worth it.; Don’t retreat, it doesn’t work to stand up, it looks so sucking!

On the contrary, the solid center of the hearing aid is different.

Purchase assistance before the election, whether you need a series of hearing tests and assessments, you can clearly understand the cause of your injury, the change in speaking ability! Then according to your listening major, your own hearing aid needs, consider the family’s financial affordability, try listening hearing aids, experience different experiences brought by different environments, and according to your own experience and qualified one-time, one-on-one communication and Fine adjustment to achieve the best level!

Purchase assistance physical store has a good tracking service and after-sales service so that you can quickly guide your adaptation period and return to normal society! Even if there is a problem with the machine, it can be solved and processed in the shortest time! These are all beyond the store.

purchase assistance must be a professional fitting, can not be purchased at will, online shopping is not scientific!

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