Box hearing aidgood or not[Box hearing aid advantages and disadvantages]

Box hearing aidIt is a cigarette or matchbox-sized box that connects the body to the earphones with a wire, named after its body is a small box. Europe and the United States are used to calling it “style” or “pocket”. Box hearing aids are much smaller than tube hearing aids.

Box hearing aidAdvantages of the device:


(1)The earphones of the hearing aid are far away from the microphone receiving the sound, and the acoustic feedback is small.

(2)The volume is large, and the power can be made large enough for deaf people.

(3)The switch and volume adjustment knob are large in size and easy to adjust.

(4)使用5No. of ordinary batteries, long time and cheap.

(5)Cost and maintenance costs are low.

Box hearing aidDisadvantages:

(1)The box-type hearing aid is placed in a pocket or worn on the clothes. When the clothes are in motion, the clothes will rub against the hearing aids to produce noise, and the volume is too large, which is inconvenient when the hot clothes are thin or participate in sports.

(2)Since the box type hearing aid is placed on the human body, the human body acts as a barrier, and external sound waves are transmitted to the body, and the sound of the low frequency portion can be reflected to the microphone of the hearing aid, thereby increasing the low frequency gain of the hearing aid. This low-frequency reflection gain can adversely mask the high-frequency amplification of the hearing aid, thereby reducing applicability.

(4)Since most of the ambient noise is in the low frequency range, the ambient noise is amplified, and the signal-to-noise ratio of the box hearing aid is reduced, and the speech intelligibility is lowered.

(5)Most adult monks are reluctant to let others find themselves to be deaf, and they are reluctant to choose box-type hearing aids for their self-respect.

In view of these shortcomings, cassette hearing aids have been used in developed countries. But because of its low price, some of the better performanceBox hearing aidIt can still be used as a monk with a less prosperous economy in China.

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