Bone anchor hearing aidWhat is a bone anchored hearing aid?

Similar to air, bones can also transmit sound. For the hearing impaired, this provides another way to perceive the sound.

Bone anchored hearing aid is20century80A high-tech hearing aid device that emerged in the era belongs to the implantable bone conduction hearing aid. It is a hearing aid with a sound. The sounder is attached to a titanium fixture pre-implanted in the skull, and the sound energy is transmitted through the direct bone guide path to improve the hearing of the ear.


1, Surgical indications for implanting bone anchored hearing aids:

(1 Some chronic middle ear disorders, such as long-term pus, other ways to improve chronic middle ear disorders with poor hearing, use air-guided hearing aids to block the ear canal. Or a poor hearing improvement after middle ear surgery, but the patient is not suitable for patients with air conduction hearing aids

(2 External ear canal malformation for various reasons, such as congenital microtia.

(3 Unilateral deafness for some reasons, such as unilateral acoustic neuroma surgery, severe unilateral otosclerosis.

2The bone anchored hearing aid structure consists of three parts:

(1Sound Processor: It acts to receive, amplify, and convert to sound.

(2Titanium abutment: Connect the sound processor to the implant screw.

(3Titanium screws: surgically implanted into the skull behind the ear and integrated with bone tissue.


The sound processor is small and concealed, with a choice of coloured housings depending on the color of the hair.

4The working principle of the bone anchor hearing aid is as follows:

(1The sound processor receives, amplifies, and converts the sound into vibration.

(2Vibration is transmitted to the titanium screw through the titanium bridge.

(3The titanium screw vibrates the skull and transmits the sound directly to the inner ear.

5Compared with traditional air conduction hearing aids, bone anchored hearing aids have many advantages:

(1) Better speech recognition in noisy environments.

(2) Because it does not block the external auditory canal, there is no foreign body sensation and no blocking effect.

(3More than traditionalBTEThe hearing aid is more beautiful.

(4) greatly reduces the occurrence of acoustic feedback whistling.

(5Especially suitable for patients with chronic otitis media.

6Compared with common bone conduction hearing aids, bone anchored hearing aids have the following advantages:

(1The vibration is transmitted directly to the skull without attenuation through the skin.

(2The bone conduction oscillator of the ordinary bone conduction hearing aid is pressed against the head, and the long-term wear may cause headache, skin discomfort, and the bone anchor type hearing aid does not have this problem.

(3) Strenuous exercise, the general bone conduction hearing aid will shift, affecting speech recognition, but the bone anchor hearing aid does not have this problem.

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