Bone anchored hearing aid[Device bone anchor hearing aid]

Congenital microtia is caused by the fact that the patient does not have an external auditory canal, so it is impossible to properly choose a conventional earplug hearing aid. Therefore, the patient has been unable to hear the outside voice and is very painful. Until recently, with the introduction and application of a kind of bone-anchored hearing aid in China, the congenital ear malformation has increased hopes and changed the patient’s deafness.

The bone anchor type hearing aid device does not require the external ear canal to transmit sound, but transmits sound waves through the skull to directly stimulate the nerve structure that senses the sound, thereby forming an auditory sense. This technology has been used abroad30Years of history, currently available worldwide10Yu Wan users. The bone anchored hearing aid device is not only suitable for patients with small ear malformation, but also for patients with chronic otitis media, various conductive deafness, and some patients with neurological deafness with senile deafness and unilateral ear.

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