People living in the city, from the moment we wake up in the morning, the noise in life is everywhere, the noisy market, the incessant cry, the harsh car whistle… That’s how noise follows. In the face of these annoying noise hazards in life, how can we protect our hearing?

To reduce the noise of sound source is to use various ways to reduce the generation of various noises. In addition to public management, vehicles shall be strictly forbidden to honk, noise control shall be strengthened, and factories shall be moved to non residential areas, etc., personal aspects can start from the following aspects:

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1. When purchasing household appliances, try to choose products with low noise and quiet function;

2. The household appliances shall be cleaned and maintained regularly, such as dust removal, moisture-proof, lubricating oil, etc., to reduce the noise;

3. Avoid wearing headphones for long time to listen to music and TV, and try to control the volume within 70dbspl as much as possible. Do not over amplify the volume in order to seek stimulation;

4. Avoid listening to music in noisy environment: due to the interference of noise environment, people will unconsciously increase the volume, causing further damage to residual hearing;

5. Avoid listening to music continuously for a long time. Take a break for a few minutes every 30 minutes. Do not sleep with headphones.

Efforts should be made in the way of transmission, to keep away from or block the transmission of noise, and to effectively protect hearing:

1. Keep away from noisy electrical appliances, densely populated noisy places, construction sites, factories, concerts, KTVs, etc;

2. If you often live in a noisy environment, you should close the windows as much as possible or use soundproof windows to reduce the introduction of external noise;

3. Adopt sound-absorbing materials indoors to reduce reverberation and indoor noise (carpet, fabric, sound-absorbing cotton, etc.);

4. Some noise can be eliminated by strengthening greening.

Strengthen self-protection

In the noise environment that may cause hearing damage, it is better to wear ear protectors such as earplugs, earmuffs or helmets to strengthen the noise protection of the person or organ receiving the sound.

Link:Avoid the harm of living noise to hearing health

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