AirPodsTaking into account the function of the hearing aid

AirPodsIt’s a product that Apple decided to make seriously in the past few years. After all, these yearsAirPodsThe sales are completely beyond Apple’s original imagination. In this year9month,iOS 12At the same time as the system was launched, Apple said it would also launch an updated version.AirPodsThe propaganda we have seen all along is new.AirPodsThere is a function to remove noise. But we never put the noise and hearing aids equal.


Now public betaAirPodsTell us that he also takes care of the function of the hearing aid.AirPodsNew features are utilized by2014Year is iniPhoneProvided onLivelistenCome on. I only need to open this function.iOS 12Bluetooth on the system, then open the custom control, there is hearing such a thing, this time you can put your headphones on your ears, then open the hearing, listen in real time, this time the microphone is not listening to you The microphone is a microphone that listens to the surrounding sound. You can hear the sounds around you amplified through this microphone.

AirPodsTake care of the function of the hearing aid! You can use it to filial piety this summer! Other than that, newAirPodsThanks to the noise-removing function, your hearing will not be affected even in very noisy places, so you can take yours with just a few easy steps.AirPodsIt becomes a hearing aid. If you have an old person with poor hearing at home, you will definitely get a profit from this device. In fact, less than one person with hearing loss35%People can use real hearing aids, because the cost of hearing aids is very expensive. If there is no way to wear hearing aids if the hearing is not good, then the daily life of these people must be very painful, especially when watching movies and TV with everyone. The volume of others is just right, but for them it is not clear. Old people tend to think for us, so even if they don’t understand, they won’t ask for a louder sound, which will inevitably affect their daily life experience.

AirPodsAlthough it is certainly not possible to replace a specialized hearing aid, at least a transition can be made between the hearing aid and nothing to wear. According to the actual test of netizens, his mother with severe hearing loss has not been able to read a movie at normal volume for many years, but use it.AirPodsAt the time, his mother laughed when he was watching a movie, which shows that the usefulness of this function is still very strong.

Apple will also listen to this aspectAirPodsCarrying out further research, but this will inevitably lead to an increase in prices, which in fact means that Apple will take another path. We know that when we wear headphones, it is very difficult to hear others, but Apple is just the opposite. We put on headphones and can hear others more clearly, so that smart devices can bring us closer to our real life.

But ifAirPodsThe hearing aids have added more professionalism, which is not just a simple headset, it may discard the most friendly price of its Apple products.AirPodsThe sales volume is largely because his price is acceptable to everyone. Although he has added more advanced technology, if he is quite high, I think many of my friends will not buy it. How would you choose?

Looking at the research direction of Apple, it is possible to produce more specialized products in the fields of medical care and sports in the future, instead of being limited to the accessories of Apple mobile phones.

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