2018Newly discovered genetic mutations cause hearing loss in the elderly

Research by Dutch researchers shows that hearing loss after a middle age is associated with a specific genetic mutation. Research shows that the UK61-70About a year old37%,70-80About a year old60% (650Ten thousand people)Suffering from senile hearing loss. British Human Mutation Association1200Research conducted by humans found that one is calledKCNQ4Subtle changes in the genes are more prevalent in patients with age-related hearing problems. The Royal Deaf Institution funded the research, which says it provides “real” hope for hearing loss.

KCNQ4Mutations in genes are associated with hereditary hearing loss, and hereditary hearing loss occurs sooner or later. The University of Antwerp research team hopes to understand whetherKCNQ4Small changes in genes can also have an impact on senile hearing loss. This research group1200Age at40-80Participants were studied. The researcher first tested the participants’ hearing and then on them.DNATest. The researchers found that three mutations in the gene -DNASingle nucleotide polymorphism(single nucleotide polymorphisms, SNPs)The difference in the production of a single nucleotide – in patients with hearing lossDNAFound in, but in the normal hearingDNAI did not find this change.

They say that more research is needed to determine what impact these genetic errors have on hearing. Possible explanations they have concluded include contributing to the formation of potassium in hair cells or causing it to migrate too quickly.

Royal National Institute of Deaf Studies(RNID)Dr. Ralph Holme, head of biomedical research, said: “Many people think that hearing loss is an inevitable part of the aging process, rather than treating it as a potentially preventable situation. The link between genes and senile hearing loss provides another important piece of evidence. At this point, we can’t do anything about it. People can wear hearing aids, but this doesn’t prevent their hearing loss. This study gives us an exact Hope, treatments to prevent senile hearing loss will be discovered, and we are also convinced that in the future, with age, people will no longer have to face the threat of hearing loss.”

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