Your neurological tinnitus may be caused by cervical spondylosis

On the two sides of the fourth section of the cervical vertebrae, respectively, about a nerve that branches into the ear below the end of the bone. This nerve is called the auricular nerve. If the nerve root of this nerve is oppressed because of a problem with the cervical joint. Then the hearing of this oppressed ear will drop to varying degrees, and the hearing will disappear in severe cases.

Cervical spondylosis caused by neurological tinnitus and deafness is one of the commonly used acupoints of the foot and less biliary tract. It is located in the posterior and posterior depression of the posterior mastoid, above the attachment of the sternocleidomastoid muscle.


About the location of the bones, that is, the location of the auricular nerves, then this location is also prone to some hard objects, these hard objects can also press into the branch nerves in the ear, and that branch nerve is oppressed After that, the following symptoms will appear: light tinnitus, but does not affect the hearing, severe people can only hear the voice of the speech and can not hear what to say. I began to feel bored, and then slowly my hearing completely disappeared. Some murmurs are constantly, a slight “know” (蝉) scream, and a serious head over the “airplane.”

In addition, some patients who have had otitis externa have too many dirty things in their ears. After a long time, they can oppress the branch nerves, even if they are pulled out, they can affect hearing. (Of course, kidney deficiency and other diseases can also cause symptoms such as tinnitus, which are not mentioned here.) But most patients with neurological deafness and tinnitus are caused by cervical spondylosis! And as the age grows, it gets heavier and heavier.

treatment method:

After the cervical vertebrae are massaged, the key points of the press are the neck and the bones, which are the branching points of the large nerves of the ear, and then press the palace, the ear, the hearing point, and then the match. Acupoints, temples. Then use both palms to press the ears for about a minute. Once a day. Lighter45The day is effective, the heavy one1520The day is effective. A treatment15Heaven, light12The treatment is cured. Heavy24The treatment is cured. Age limit65Under the age of, if the eardrum is no problem, it can be cured. Older relative treatment time is longer.

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