Zhou Yu (pseudonym) has been very depressed recently. His dream of becoming a musician since childhood has been shattered. This year’s college entrance examination for music majors failed to pass the hearing test. Since then, the road with musicians has become more and more far. The reason is actually the problem of pulling out ears.

Zhou Yu has talked about a good piano since he was a child under the cultivation of his parents. He has won numerous awards since he was a child. His strong sense of pride and self-confidence make him aspire to become a musician. But he had a habit when he was a kid. He used cotton swabs, ear scoops, fingers, pencils and other things constantly. He had to dig for half a day after taking a bath to feel comfortable. At first, it was just comfortable. Gradually, he felt his ears itching more and more. He couldn’t stand it if he didn’t pull it out. He also cut it and bled several times. But in recent years, he felt that his ears were blocked and flustered, and the digging could be relieved a little, but later it could not be done. To be engaged in music, he must have good hearing. He hurriedly went to the hospital to see a doctor. The doctor told him that chronic otitis externa was caused by long-term ear pulling, and inflammatory hyperplasia resulted in very narrow external auditory canal, which affected hearing.


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Why does ear digging lead to narrow external auditory canal and affect hearing? Liu Hui, director of Otolaryngology Department of Shijiazhuang No.1 Hospital, explained that the external auditory canal is a curved pipe, and the skin is very delicate, and it is easy to cause damage when a straight object pulls out the ear, even if a slight scratch can cause skin damage, frequent skin damage will lead to inflammation of the external auditory canal skin. Acute otitis externa pain is obvious, easy to cause attention, but chronic inflammation may not have symptoms, or ear itching, often easy to be ignored, long-term external auditory canal injury leads to skin hyperplasia, formation of external auditory canal stenosis, serious impact on hearing.

So the expert suggests: the individual had better not pull out the ear easily, the earwax inside the ear can be discharged by oneself mostly, a few people because of the oily earwax is not easy to discharge by oneself, can find the professional person to take out with the professional tool in the hospital, do not damage or slightly damage the skin, generally half a year to once a year. Don’t form the bad habit of wiping ears with cotton swab after bathing or swimming.

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