Why should the hearing aid purchased be regularly debugged?

After listening to the hearing aids selected by the fitter for hearing and speech rehabilitation for a period of time, it is a major problem for the first hearing aid debugging scheme to be suitable for hearing loss. The reason for the change is that the hearing is telling You have the following types:


1. Hearing changes

Some hearing loss increases with time or age. Such as hereditary hearing loss, senile hearing loss, otosclerosis patients.

2. During the wearing process, there will always be some uncomfortable sounds, and it is necessary to adjust the program in time.

3. Hearing aid performance changes

A hearing aid that was originally tuned to a suitable hearing aid may not remain in its original state after a period of use. Certain changes must occur, just as all instruments need to be corrected frequently. When the hearing aid performance changes, it needs to be sent. Professional institutions conduct testing and debugging.

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