Why do hearing aids need to be “matched”? It is a well-known common sense that glasses need to be matched. However, it is not well known that hearing aids also need to be matched.

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In fact, because hearing is more complex than vision, hearing aids need not only more matching than glasses, but also more accurate matching. First of all, people’s hearing impairment is very different The sound signal is collected by auricle and transmitted to the central auditory area of brain through external auditory canal, middle ear, inner ear and complex sensory nerve.

In the process of hearing, any part or link has problems, which will lead to hearing impairment Different injury sites lead to different types of hearing impairment. The damage occurs in the outer and middle ear, leading to conductive deafness, while the damage occurs in the middle ear, leading to sensorineural deafness. For the use of hearing aids, the former is relatively simple; the latter is much more complex The degree of loss can be different for the same type of hearing impairment. The degree of hearing loss can be divided into light, medium, medium, heavy and extremely severe deafness. Different levels of deafness need different levels of hearing aids Even if the nature and degree of hearing impairment are the same, everyone may feel different. These differences may be related to living habits, working environment, subjective tolerance, tinnitus, rejuvenation (hypersensitivity to strong sound) and other pathological factors. The requirements for hearing aids are different with different feelings On the other hand, the price of hearing aids varies greatly.

Each hearing aid for the elderly has its own performance characteristics, which is suitable for one or a kind of hearing impairment. The problem is that there are many brands, types and models of hearing aids. For specific users, which one is more suitable for their actual needs is a very professional problem that can not be solved by users themselves, and can only be decided by professionals. For example, how to choose hearing aids for patients with severe hearing loss who are allergic to strong sound (this is not uncommon), and how to emphasize amplification will make them feel that the sound is hard to bear;

The emphasis on strong sound compression may lead to the signal sound is not real and clear enough. How to solve this kind of contradiction properly is one of the important work contents of hearing aid matching Obviously, the best hearing aid effect can be achieved only when the user’s hearing condition is fully consistent with the performance of the selected hearing aid. Different hearing barriers need different hearing aids, and matching is the necessary bridge between different hearing aids and different users So, what if the hearing aid is not matched? In most cases, the effect of using the hearing aid without experience is not only limited, but also more likely to damage the residual hearing of the user, leading to a vicious circle of wearing the hearing aid more and more.

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