Why not recommend buying a hearing aid online?

Hearing aids belong to the second category of medical device equipment (the same is trueXLine filmer,BSuper, biochemical instruments, etc., according to national regulations, it is necessary to control its safety and effectiveness. Therefore, hearing aids cannot be sold online, and it is generally recommended to go to the professional fitting center for fitting.

The truth is actually very simple. If you don’t have a formal fit, it’s easy to buy a hearing aid that is not suitable for your situation.

Hearing aids bought online may not be over-amplified, and the sound is very noisy and harsh; it is insufficient amplification and it is still unclear when wearing a hearing aid. If you have a good thing, you will be overwhelmed.

With the aid of a hearing aid, the best is the right one.

Not the most expensive hearing aid, it must be the most suitable hearing aid. For example, invisible hearing aids are concealed and powerful, but we still don’t recommend them to children because they are the best choice for this group of people. There are too many of these considerations, and our customers know too little and too little.

Hearing aids are one of the most demanding medical devices. In the hearing aid industry, in addition to the quality of hearing aids, the core of competitive value, as well as the strength of the fitter.

High-quality international hearing aid brands, such as American Belton, Danish Resound, Swiss Phonak hearing aids, etc., are very effective. And a good hearing aid fitter can choose the best hearing aid for the user.

Good after-sales service is a long-term profit process for customers. Hearing aids are very dependent on after-sales service, because it requires regular maintenance and maintenance. The hearing aids are used by people of all ages. It is not difficult for users to solve problems after such small and delicate machines have problems. Therefore, hearing (including, of course, other hearing agencies) will provide users with free maintenance and maintenance of hearing aids. Not only that, but the hearing agency also does some regular activities, free accessories such as hearing aid batteries, or hearing experts to consult patients. In terms of incidental value, the sense of acquisition and security brought by the store fitting is undoubtedly far greater than buying online.

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