Now most people should be familiar with hearing aids, but there are still some people who have the following questions: it’s OK to buy a hearing aid and wear it directly. Why do you have to do so much work and check it? In fact, there is a very simple analogy: if you buy a pair of glasses directly, it’s OK. Why do you need to check your eyesight? Glasses should be familiar to everyone, I The glasses we wear must match our eyesight, or we will not be able to wear glasses. The same is true of hearing, which is much more complicated.

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The human ear can listen to and distinguish the different natures and strengths of various natural sound sources. Sound is transmitted to the inner ear through the outer and middle ear, and then to the cerebral cortex through the central auditory pathway. Through the comprehensive analysis of sound signals, the brain can detect, identify and understand the contents of various sounds, which is called auditory function. If this system is damaged, it can cause hearing impairment and deafness. In general, the perception of different frequencies of sound by the human ear will not be absolutely the same, which is reflected in a curve on the audiogram, and the influence of a certain cause of deafness on the hearing under different frequencies is also different, so the amount of compensation needed for hearing aids at each frequency point is different. How to determine the amount of compensation at different frequency points needs to be measured in advance. Then, the hearing test must be done before the selection of hearing aids.

In addition, with the hearing aid, it can keep the hearing at the current level or delay the hearing loss, so it is possible to reduce the hearing under the influence of some inducements. At this time, the hearing aid needs to be adjusted. Similarly, the change of hearing may be different under different frequencies, and the amount of adjustment is different. Therefore, the result of listening test is also necessary.

For infants with pre lingual deafness, hearing training and language training should be carried out after wearing hearing aids. Hearing training is to make full use of the residual hearing of deaf children and wake up their hearing. The research experiment shows that: the situation of deaf children mastering language is in direct proportion to the effect of listening training. Generally speaking, the more sound deaf children hear, the sound resolution can be achieved The stronger the ability, the faster the understanding and mastery of language.

Here is a phenomenon, including listening and language training, while parents only conduct language training. In fact, this practice is extremely wrong. Listening training and language training are equally important. Attention should be paid to listening training. The younger the children are, the more they should strengthen listening training.

The process of hearing loss is usually silent. Because people’s hearing range is very large, the general injury may not affect the communication with others temporarily, and there is no detailed hearing examination in the routine physical examination, so it is difficult to arouse people’s vigilance. The frequency range of human ear hearing is 20-20000 Hz, and above or below this range is not detected by our ear. When testing your hearing, the doctor will start from one ear, let you listen to a series of sounds with different frequencies, and record which sounds you can hear and which you can’t hear, so as to determine the degree of hearing loss of each ear. In this way, once there is a problem in your hearing, you can better intervene and let the hearing aid achieve the best effect.

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