If you are always whistling, there may be:1, the hearing aid is not in place, not sealedcaused;2It is possible that the gain compensation is excessive; 3It may also be a howling inside the machine.. To solve the problem of howling, it is necessary to go to the fitting center to check the specific reasons and solve it according to the actual situation.

There are many cases of hearing aids whistling. For example, the reasons for the whistling of the ear canal are: the size of the earplug is not suitable, the size of the ear mold is not suitable, and the high frequency of the hearing aid is too high. The reasons for the custom machine whistling are: the outer casing size is not suitable, Where is the damage, high frequency and so on? There are also many solutions, such as: replacing earplugs, ear molds, housings, lowering high frequencies, replacing more powerful hearing aids, feedback processing, etc.

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