Why can’t I hear the sound of the TV when I wear a hearing aid?

After wearing the hearing aid, the problem of normal communication between the wearer and others is solved first. The ability to hear the sound of the TV depends on the wearer’s basic hearing, wearing time, hearing aid performance, television program content, and the speaker’s own speech resolving power. The wearer’s basic listening and speech resolving ability is poor. It is just a choice of hearing aids. It is not recommended to watch TV immediately. It is necessary to adapt to the communication problem with people. After the basic communication is smooth, you can watch TV programs. Don’t watch loud programs. First read the words clearly, moderate speed, Programs with subtitles such as news feeds. Part of listening to a part of the combined subtitles will be easier. If you can’t solve the TV watching, you can go to the matching center to select the auxiliary equipment to improve the viewing effect.

Why can't you hear the sound of the TV when wearing a hearing aid?

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